• Breaking Bad Prop Bets

    If there is one thing we love more than a weekend packed with exciting finals football, it’s our weekly fix of Breaking Bad.

    Every Monday, like thousands of other Aussies, we settle down for the latest installment of the thrilling series.

    With only a few episodes to go and numerous possibilities on how it will all end, we’ve opened betting markets on which major character will die first!

    - See more at: http://www.sportsbet.com.au/blog/hom....OZ2ztlEE.dpuf

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    1. Kat's Avatar
      Kat -
      Took a multi4 on NRL Manly 1-12 (won by 6) $2-80, X Hawthorn AFL 1-39 (won by 5) $1-90, X Freo AFL 1-39 (won by 25) $1-90, and the 4th leg was MelbStorm NRL 1-12 $2-90 @ total $29 X $475 for $14770 payout. MStorm lost by 2, mainly because the ever-reliable Billy Slater dropped a simple ball the other team scored from. Sh*t happens... Close but no chocolates. Anyway, can't complain as I've had a good, and profitable September so far.

      This weekend, Russell Crowe's NRL Rabbitohs to beat Manly in a close one 1-6, Roosters to monster Newcastle Knights 13+ and in the AFL, Fremantle Dockers/Hawthorn to fight out a close one (1-19) in the Grand Final... and those Multi odds look sweet to me at around $70 on my Internet sports bookie. (Taking both AFL teams and hoping it's a close game 1-19)
    1. AussiePlayer's Avatar
      AussiePlayer -
      Multibet? I'm not a maths doctor or anything, but I'm pretty sure that's the sports betting equivalent of 6:5 blackjack. Or worse (depending on the number of legs, maybe it's more Keno).
    1. RS's Avatar
      RS -
      My money is on Hank.

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