• Trump may try to get back into casinos

    But, online gambling this time. Not so easy as the AC casinos are all partnered up already and he has no management role in any casino. Difficult seeing this happen. But, NJ will clearly see online gambling.


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    1. njrich's Avatar
      njrich -
      Would you buy a used car from this man?
    1. stopgambling's Avatar
      stopgambling -
      What kind of impact online casino would have have on the land based casin0 AP?
    1. Bruce Dunkle's Avatar
      Bruce Dunkle -
      Quote Originally Posted by stopgambling View Post
      What kind of impact online casino would have have on the land based casin0 AP?
      I regard Both Donald Trump and Sheldon Adelson as visionaries. They see online gambling as the preferred
      gambling of the future, and will certainly take advantage of the opportunity to jump in when the
      time is right. You can count Steve Wynn in there too. Right now Adelson's screaming like a drowning
      man, but he'll adjust and resurface. The AP will have his playing style rapidly recognized, and countered, probably
      by the online casino declining his action. So he moves to another online casino, assuming he has money on deposit
      there too, and discovers that his reputation has preceded him at the speed of light, and he is not allowed
      to play. I think that online gambling will make it hard for the brick and mortar casinos to survive, and if
      they don't, neither will the AP.
    1. Norm's Avatar
      Norm -
      I'm not worried about Trump. If he goes into online gambling, he'll find a way to fail. Adelson is more likely to succeed, and do it in a way that is not good for AP.

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