• Online gambling passes NJ house and senate

    Second try. The first was vetoed by the governor. This bill, with heavy support from the legislature, has a better chance. The governor has 45 days to sign the bill -- or not.


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    1. bigharryonion's Avatar
      bigharryonion -
      im not really big into politics and how the stuff works, but if this bill passes it will only be for the state of NJ? If I am correct, i think this means its like a small step for the whole US. As in NJ passes it then maybe others will too and eventually in the US online gambling will be legal?

      sorry for being naive
    1. Three's Avatar
      Three -
      I am not a legal expert but as long as the federal law prohibits it you would have to use in state sites. I think the writing is on the wall and maybe they want to have their online action up and running when the feds okay online gambling. I don't believe your state could stop you from betting in another state from your home if the federal law allowed it. But again I am not a lawyer and laws mean whatever the Supreme court of the jurisdiction in question says it means not what every reader can obviously see it means. Lots of laws have been interpreted to mean just the opposite of what they say.
    1. Aslan's Avatar
      Aslan -
      If you are in Virginia and you gamble online on a NJ website, I'm thinking Virginia will consider that you were in fact in Virginia and gambling (other than on horse racing I think) is illegal in Virginia. But how could Virginia or any state police such activities? Or the Feds, for that matter?

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