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  1. A few words on color-dependent card counting strategies

    The most famous color-dependent card counting system is Red7, but there are several. In Red7, you count the red sevens, but not the black sevens. The idea is to realize results that are closer to a level 2 strategy, without using a more complicated level 2 strategy. In a level 2 strategy, you would have to count the sevens as .5, or double all the tag values.

    Of course, counting half the sevens is less efficient. Betting correlation theoretically drops from 98.4% to 97.2% and playing
  2. Advantage by count when first card is known, 6:5 BJ

    On page 464 in Modern Blackjack, I provide a chart of the advantages by card and by count if you know the first card. For example, if you know your first card is an ace, your advantage is about 51%. A staggering number. But, what if you are playing Blackjack pay 6:5?

    The below chart is single-deck Blackjack, H17, nDAS, one player, four rounds, card counting with HiLo. The advantage for counts -10 to +10. Lower numbers, but still huge advantages.

  3. How Blackjack Works Index

    It has occurred to me that a full table of contents of Chapter 15, How Blackjack Works, would be useful. This occurred to me because I go searching through the chapter myself trying to remember where I put charts. So:

    How Blackjack Works 369

    Basic Strategy 370
    What hands do we get? 370
    Single-Deck 371
    What are the good Blackjack hands? 372
    Single-Deck 373
    What Blackjack hands get the money? 374
    Single-Deck 375
    What Blackjack
  4. Definition of a Progression Player

    Most people know that two wrongs don’t make a right. From this, we can logically infer that three wrongs don’t make a right. A progressionist is a person that believes that if he could only be allowed no limitations on the number of wrongs, then he would be right.
  5. Hand Length by Dealer Upcard

    The questions seem to become more and more odd as strange bonuses and side counts abound. These charts show the percentage of hands that are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 cards in length, but for each possible dealer upcard. Split hands are counted separately. The sims are for HiLo with full indexes, as that’s more interesting. Six decks, 78% penetration, S17, DAS, one billion rounds each. Obviously, with an upcard of five or six, the player is far more likely to stand pat with two cards. Of course, doubles
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