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  1. Philadelphia Inquirer calls criminals card counters, a web portal for The Philadelphia Inquirer, posted an article titled "Three men caught counting cards are arrested". They were Blackjack cheats and they were arrested for illegal actions. But, they were not card counters. They were marking cards, which is obviously illegal. The conflation of card counting and cheating is common, and incorrect.

    In this case, the article refers to actual cheats as card counters, as opposed to calling card counters cheats. I am not ...
  2. Ohio rules card counting not cheating

    The Toledo Blade quotes the casino commission's statement on card counting legality.

    "If someone is using their mental faculties, and they're able to use them to have an advantage, we do not consider that cheating," Matt Schuler, the Ohio casino commission's executive director, told The Blade on Friday."

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  3. The Atlantic magazine suggests card counting is cheating

    In the April 2012 issue of The Atlantic, an article about Don Johnson states:

    “The wagering of card counters assumes a clearly recognizable pattern over time, and Johnson was being watched very carefully. The verdict: card counting was not Don Johnson’s game. He had beaten the casinos fair and square.”

    They are suggesting that card counting at Blackjack is not “fair and square”. They don’t explain how it is unfair to watch the cards.

  4. Las Vegas TV series calls card counters cheats

    The Las Vegas TV series pilot episode in 2003 was advertised with the following synopsis:

    “Big Ed Deline is the head of the surveillance team for the Montecito Resort & Casino. With his protégé, Danny McCoy, an ex-U.S. Marine and Las Vegas native, they deal with card-counting cheaters, costly streaks of random luck and rival casinos stealing their big-money players.”

    Of course, Blackjack card counting is not cheating as defined by Nevada law.

  5. Electrical Contractor Magazine calls card counters cheats

    In the October 2010 issue of magazine Electrical Contractor, the following can be found:

    “Casinos have to closely monitor players who may be trying to cheat the system. Some ways in which a thief can threaten gaming integrity are card counting and pinlight devices that trigger credits in a video machine without inserting actual money. Cheating is a big revenue loss to casinos, and video surveillance helps protect against it.”

    The article appears to present a ...
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