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  1. Guess What... Casinos Cheat!

    This is a cross-post from my blog


    I constantly hear APs tell me the standard opinion that “casinos are heavily regulated, they would never think of cheating.” Here’s how the reasoning goes:

    1. Casino licenses are valuable
    2. Casinos have regulators constantly scrutinizing their every move
    3. Therefore, the cost of being caught cheating is higher than the gain from cheating
    4. Therefore, casinos
  2. Cover Part I

    This is a cross-post from my blog
    This series of posts is dedicated to killing sacred cows about “cover” (I use quotes because I think even the basic mental assumption of cover advice are bad). The purpose of these posts is to get you to realize that most of the advice out there is garbage, and shamelessly sell our class “Getting Away With It.”

    The Cancer That is “Cover” Advice
    Nearly every new card counter that comes to one of our classes, or stumbles ...
  3. Missouri Gaming Law

    I added this post by Ryemo on Missouri gambling laws as it contains the most explicit statement written into law that card counting is legal that I've ever seen:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ryemo View Post
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    I actually keep this PDF file on my phone in case I come across any trouble, considering how active I am in MO. This should clear some things up.

    Updated 06-17-2016 at 07:45 AM by Is Card Counting Legal

  4. It occurs to me that ...

    Quote Originally Posted by marriedputter View Post
    Which is why those close to retirement put more and more money in US Treasuries.

    The average annual rate of inflation is 3.22%. As you can see from this chart if you buy a Treasury Bond the yield is so low that you will actually have guaranteed yourself a loss. The price may fluctuate if you decide you need money and want to sell the bond. A person may gain but a person who is so conservative to buy this investment could not possibly be motivated by that prospect.
  5. One2Six automatic card shuffling machines for sale

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeBlackJack View Post
    I have four One2Six machines for sale.

    Pictures available here:

    3 of them had been in use, tested, working perfectly!
    1 is brand new, but needs a licence to operate.

    Located in Malaga, Spain.

    Available for inspection and collection.
    Shipping to your location is available too.
    PM or email me if you need more information.

    Other American Roulette and BlackJack/Poker equipment
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