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  1. Why Casino Craps Can't Be Beaten by Bryce Carlson

    Even though this site is primarily dedicated to AP blackjack, several members have indicated that they're also interested in the possibility of beating casino craps, as well. I also wondered about this, but after several years of study and research I determined that, unfortunately, casino craps cannot be beaten with legitimate play. I wrote up the results of my analysis in an article titled, "Why Casino Craps Can't Be Beaten," and Norm feels the members here may find it an enlightening ...

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  2. The Card Clumping Myth by Bryce Carlson

    As many members here know, in addition to his "AP" craps seminars, Jerry Patterson has for a long time also been pushing his blackjack card-clumping theories to a gullible gaming public. In response, several years ago I debunked the whole card-clumping concept with a very extensive series of computer studies that showed that under real-world conditions there is really nothing to the card-clumping myth.

    I subsequently wrote up the results of these computer studies in a well-received ...

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  3. Reactions to negative comments in a casino

    I have seen hundreds of posts over the years expressing negative reactions to other players and unpleasant dealers. Including those that say they will leave a casino in an unpleasant situation. I’m sorry, but, to me, this sounds a bit like; I went hiking and saw a priceless, ancient arrowhead laying on the ground; but it was raining so I went home instead of picking it up.

    OK, that’s an exaggeration. And yes, it is absolutely allowed, and can even be therapeutic, to vent about ...
  4. Kelly betting on high variance games

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    I have actually asked a similar question on the old bjinfo but wanted to revisit this as I found some conflicting answers.

    Generally speaking, when betting full Kelly you divide the edge% by the pay-off a winning bet to arrive at the % of your bankroll that you should wager on your bet.

    Does this apply equally regardless whether your pay-off is 1:1, 5:1, 10:1, 50:1 or 100:1? Does this rule of thumb change if you are playing with a high edge (say 30% or 40% as an example).
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  5. Signs that you are counting cards

    Bill Zender’s excellent books talk to advantage play from the casino perspective. This is important to our side as we need to know how the casino side thinks. It is more important to know how the casino identifies an advantage player than it is to know how to accurately identify an advantage player. As many casino execs have read Bill’s books or attended his presentations, his work is valuable to us. Fortunately, a brief discussion by Bill on card counter identification is available online at:
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