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  1. As Descartes once said: “I think, therefore I can’t play blackjack.”

    Taken from a 1997 article by Arnold Snyder on the subject, which you can find at:

    Surprising that so many people still "think" that you can make thinking illegal.
  2. Nevada Supreme Court 1983 Ruling

    The Nevada Supreme Court in the case of Sheriff vs. Martin in 1983 declared that counting cards was not cheating.

    The court held:

    "The attributes of the game - its established physical characteristics and basic rules - determine the probability of the games various possible outcomes. Changing those attributes to affect those probabilities is a criminal act. By way of contrast a card counter - one who uses a point system to keep track of the cards that have been played ...
  3. Nevada Supreme Court 2000 Ruling

    The following links to an article in 2000 by attorney Robert A. Loeb on a victory for blackjack card counters in the Nevada Supreme Court.
  4. Washington Post Article

    The local edition of the Washington Post published an article on Feb. 22, 2014 titled "At Maryland Live Casino, relentless surveillance operation targets cheats, thieves". The article was written from the viewpoint of surveillance. The article contains the following line:

    "The casino cheats include card counters and people who try to steal chips from distracted dealers and players."

    The article incorrectly lumps intelligent players with outright criminals. ...
  5. New Jersey Gambling Laws - Cheating

    Below are sections of New Jersey law governing cheating:

    5:12-113 Swindling and cheating; penalties

    a. A person is guilty of swindling and cheating if the person purposely or
    knowingly by any trick or sleight of hand performance or by a fraud or
    fraudulent scheme, cards, dice or device, for himself or herself or for another,
    wins or attempts to win money or property or a representative of either or
    reduces a losing wager or attempts to reduce a losing ...
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