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    I dont think trustworthy casino lies to its customers. Yes, I have been lied to by the casino before, so thats why I am being cautious and always pick casino by rules like - casino is safe ot play - it has that green locker by the html code, which means the site is safe, or it has a good reputation - i try to find info about it online -forums, articles or so, it has fast and helpful customer support.. and so on I have learnt this in article how to choose an online casino and I fully advise you to read it if you want to play online. I had ot learn the hard way, you dont have to.. and also my big advise is to play through trusted reviewer, these websites pick trusted casinos for you, you dont have to worry about scams and so on..
  2. DelphiguruSam's Avatar
    If you had seen what I see using my BJ program, you'd realize that casinos do not need to cheat. I'm not saying that some are not too stupid or just plain greedy and do cheat. However, the cards are so heavily-weighted in favor of the house, that they don't need to cheat to make money.

    If you go to my this link to my website, you'll see a rather interesting recent compilation of my CMS card counting method run in conjunction and in parallel against a target of up to 1000 shoes (each with 6 decks). I programmed this session to begin with a $50,000 stake, bet $500, stop at winnings or loss of $25,000.00. Guess what! I won $25,000.00+. I wouldn't be telling you this, if I had bad news. :-). The caveat. This is new code...barely 48 hours old. Fun stuff, but not solid enough to go to the casino, yet. Sam
  3. DelphiguruSam's Avatar
    Sore losers, I guess. Here's a link to my latest CC work. Nine card count methods charted against the same one-deck shoe. Link is near the top. can't miss it.
    Oops! I think I forgot to adjust "Wongs Halves". The rest should be correct.
    If you have a favorite card count method that you do not see in the pic, let me know and I'll add it to my program and send you the comparative results for free.
    Enjoy. Sam

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