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    My comment on bonds was not meant to communicate that it is a good idea, but rather that this is a move that the financially illiterate historically have made, even during times of super low interest rates like the current environment that we are in. When approaching retirement, people still put their money in bonds when the market is falling because, well, because that's what people do. I suppose it is seen as a safe haven for their money given the tax benefit of bonds that money market accounts and CDs do not provide. That tax benefit and security probably starts to look pretty good when dealing with large sums of money and being so close to retirement. Maybe they have already made all the money that they need in their 401 or IRA and just need a safe, somewhat tax friendly place to put it.
    For the young however, it is an extremely stupid move. I have never owned a bond because I am somewhat young and I have yet to be in an environment where bonds pay an interest rate that is worth a flip. Even if they did pay well, I would not have a large % of bonds in my portfolio.

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