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  1. Progression VS Card-counting

    This seems to be the biggest debate inthe Blackjack community right now. I can see the allure of progression systems. They are much easier to learn and require a much smaller bankroll. Plus, they just seem to make sense. Intuitively, you want to bet more when you are winning and less when you are losing. If you have ever bought and sold stocks on your own,you have had this same intuition. You watch a stock rising, getting a lot of media attention. Naturally you want to jump on the bandwagon ...

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  2. Two Wrongs Can Make a Right

    Is it possible that if you make twomistakes, you could actually make the right final decision? Considerwhat I recently witnessed at a Blackjack table. We were playing aneight deck shoe. After one and a half decks were dealt the player inthe middle seat trippled his bet and said, “there are no tens leftin that deck!” The cards came out something like; Jack, Queen,Jack, Ten, King, King, Jack, Queen, Ten, Queen, King, Ten and a Jackfor the Dealer's up-card. I'm not exagerating at all. All ...

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