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    Card counting was never illegal just hearsay. Obviously casinos worked hard to protect their interests and searched for many ways to thwart it plus after Thorpe released his book this became a huge problem for Casinos worldwide. Disinformation plus the fact they knew no one reads the rules/small print was the direct reaction to this.
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    [h=2]Card counter tossed. Sues. Loses.
    Current rules promulgated after incident, before case.

    Article agrees barring is now illegal, but is dismayed that same person still barred for counting.

    You guys are dicks.

    Missouri Court of Appeals,Eastern District,Division One.[/h][h=3]Stuart ZIGLIN, Appellant, v. PLAYERS MH, L.P., d/b/a Player's Island Casino, Respondent.
    [/h][h=3]No. ED 77879.[/h][h=3]Decided: January 30, 2001[/h]
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    I just ran across this old post, but I'll ask the obvious anyway, So by using spotters or Team play, you ARE in violation? (...without the assistance of another person...)
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    But the casinos can still kick you out for counting, right?

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