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Modern Blackjack nth Edition

Having put out a 684 page book, I thought I had run out of Blackjack-related subjects. Particularly since I hate typing. But, the field seems inexhaustible. A forum doesn’t work too well as a repository. So, I thought I’d give blogging a shot.

This is a continuation of my book, Modern Blackjack, with some random musings and studies, generally on the subject of Blackjack. Feel free to add comments.

  1. What happens if you are tresspassed, return, and win?

    The question has been asked, if you have been trespassed, that is told to never to enter a casino again, what happens if you do and you make a large win? Can the casino to refuse to pay you? Suppose you put a dollar in a Video Poker machine and hit the jackpot?

    This is a tough question, and varies by location and specifics. But, let us look at it from a practical point of view.

    There exists an old maxim, ostensibly by Thomas Draxis in 1616, that possession is nine points
  2. What should be your initial buy-in at a table?

    It should be no surprise that this is a common question. So, so many variables:

    • Do you have chips from that casino?
    • Are you known at the casino? Known in what manner?
    • Do they allow money (cash) plays and in what circumstances?
    • How big is the casino?
    • What is your “act?”

    First, it needs to made clear that this is not Poker table stakes or a tournament. You can go in your pocket at any time and pull out cash. These days, betting cash is often not allowed. But, you can
  3. They are watching you

    Apparently, GM’s OnStar always tracks your car location, even if you drop your subscription. And everyone gets a free trial subscription. That is, they keep a database of your driving habits, and sell it. Now, they claim the info is anonymized, so that particular cars cannot be identified by the buyer. But, it seems it is possible to hack the data. Kinda rings my paranoia button. Like, a casino tracking your past movements.

    Or, as David Crosby wrote:

    “You know, it
  4. A few words on color-dependent card counting strategies

    The most famous color-dependent card counting system is Red7, but there are several. In Red7, you count the red sevens, but not the black sevens. The idea is to realize results that are closer to a level 2 strategy, without using a more complicated level 2 strategy. In a level 2 strategy, you would have to count the sevens as .5, or double all the tag values.

    Of course, counting half the sevens is less efficient. Betting correlation theoretically drops from 98.4% to 97.2% and playing
  5. Advantage by count when first card is known, 6:5 BJ

    On page 464 in Modern Blackjack, I provide a chart of the advantages by card and by count if you know the first card. For example, if you know your first card is an ace, your advantage is about 51%. A staggering number. But, what if you are playing Blackjack pay 6:5?

    The below chart is single-deck Blackjack, H17, nDAS, one player, four rounds, card counting with HiLo. The advantage for counts -10 to +10. Lower numbers, but still huge advantages.

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