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Modern Blackjack nth Edition

Having put out a 684 page book, I thought I had run out of Blackjack-related subjects. Particularly since I hate typing. But, the field seems inexhaustible. A forum doesn’t work too well as a repository. So, I thought I’d give blogging a shot.

This is a continuation of my book, Modern Blackjack, with some random musings and studies, generally on the subject of Blackjack. Feel free to add comments.

  1. Double Kiss — SCORES in Unbalanced Blackjack Counts II

    Here we take the discussion further. You should first read post SCOREs in Unbalanced Counts — Is There a Flaw?

    OK I decided to see what would happen if I used two betting ramps. I created one optimized at 97 card penetration and another at 58 cards. The idea is to use one for 4.5 deck penetration and above and one for below 4.5/6. To be absolutely fair, I did this for both KO and HiLo. Now, I calculated the c-SCOREs for every penetration for KO and HiLo using this scheme and plotted
  2. Dealer Blackjack Bust Rates by Count and Upcard

    Dealer bust rates rarely interest me, although many of the worst books on Blackjack discuss them a great deal. They simply don’t mean that much. But, the questions keep on coming. Modern Blackjack Page 438 discusses overall dealer ending hands by count. But, one set of stats I have never seen is the dealer bust rates by count and by dealer upcard. So, for the next time I’m asked, I put together a chart that I’ll post here.

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    Dealer bust rate by

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  3. Why Does REKO Card Counting Work?

    REKO is a simplified version of the KO count where only one index value is used for all indexes with any number of decks. So, there is no need to memorize index values. It has been suggested that REKO must therefore necessarily have poorer performance than KO. Not true. BOTH REKO and KO are simplified and compromised versions of KO Full. But, REKO is easier. That does NOT mean it is an inferior compromise. The method that the original KO uses for its indexes and IRC is very clever. But, not as accurate

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  4. SCOREs in Unbalanced Blackjack Counts — Is There a Flaw?

    Back in 2006, someone insisted that measuring results using the SCORE methodology was flawed when comparing unbalanced with balanced strategies. The point was that SCORE assumes the use of optimal betting ramps, and that with unbalanced strategies, the optimal betting ramps vary substantially by penetration. Therefore, since it is it unreasonable to believe that anyone would use a different betting ramp for every penetration, SCOREs suggest unbalanced strategies perform better than they actually ...

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