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Modern Blackjack nth Edition

Having put out a 684 page book, I thought I had run out of Blackjack-related subjects. Particularly since I hate typing. But, the field seems inexhaustible. A forum doesn’t work too well as a repository. So, I thought I’d give blogging a shot.

This is a continuation of my book, Modern Blackjack, with some random musings and studies, generally on the subject of Blackjack. Feel free to add comments.

  1. Portraits on the ‘Net

    Been looking around the ‘Net. People I know from older days do not have photos of themselves on the I’Net. People in my family, excepting the very youngest, have no public photos. Most of these people, like me, avoid it like the plague. Publically publishing photos of yourself is not a new phenomenon; but, the degree to which it occurs has multiplied enormously. From what I’ve read, Facebook loses large numbers of accounts at the end of every graduation period, as students realize that they ...
  2. Las Vegas, the once friendly city

    In earlier days, Las Vegas, even its cab drivers, were remarkably friendly and helpful. The beginning of the change was a quarter of a century back, not recent. I remember talking to casino workers, 25 years ago, about how the friendliness of the city had dissipated. Nothing to dissipate now. A resort city must be, primarily, about fun. FUN. Not gouging you for every dollar you have. Atlantic City, in one casino, has put its future profits on "gentlemen's bars." This is a good fit with the current ...
  3. Signs that you are counting cards

    Bill Zender’s excellent books talk to advantage play from the casino perspective. This is important to our side as we need to know how the casino side thinks. It is more important to know how the casino identifies an advantage player than it is to know how to accurately identify an advantage player. As many casino execs have read Bill’s books or attended his presentations, his work is valuable to us. Fortunately, a brief discussion by Bill on card counter identification is available online at:
    Blackjack General
  4. Reactions to negative comments in a casino

    I have seen hundreds of posts over the years expressing negative reactions to other players and unpleasant dealers. Including those that say they will leave a casino in an unpleasant situation. I’m sorry, but, to me, this sounds a bit like; I went hiking and saw a priceless, ancient arrowhead laying on the ground; but it was raining so I went home instead of picking it up.

    OK, that’s an exaggeration. And yes, it is absolutely allowed, and can even be therapeutic, to vent about ...
  5. Fractional Insurance Index

    Nearly everyone uses integer indices these days as attempting to use indices like +1.4 provide little additional gain. This isn’t just because indices aren’t that sensitive. It is also because such theoretic indices aren’t even correct. The advantage over increasing counts for a decision is not a simple linear relationship. A decision may make sense at a count of 1.3 and 1.5 but not 1.4. When we focus in more closely and look at the advantage chart between two integer counts, we no longer

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