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    Can any conclusion be drawn here without charting against a balanced system?
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    I am a dedicated and avid fan of you and also your REKO Norm. I've even taught it to my girlfriend (China Girl) and she is ecstatic that she does not have to learn how to "true count"......We both live in NV and have found that REKO gets the money on SD, DD and the shoe. We both thank you for your free book "Modern Blackjack". It has proven to be a wealth of knowledge for us.....Ronster
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    I'm beginning to learn reko. When I downloaded a game to practice however, I noticed 4 types of reko: 1)reko, 2)reko-t, 3)reko-f 4)reko-f 8 deck

    Can you please tell me what these are and which one is better to use for 8 deck H17, Das, Ls?

    Also, has there been any simulation using reko with T Hoppers basic strategy, instead of indexes?

    Also the index in a case or two calls for what the basic strategy states anyway, such as standing on 12 v 4. Am I missing something?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karkas
    Its a dead link now. If anyone has a new link, I would like to read it... Google hasn't helped
    I got you fam.
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    Its a dead link now. If anyone has a new link, I would like to read it... Google hasn't helped
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    That is an excellent analogy and thank you for the post. I enjoyed it very much. Neo
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    Although I have NOT mastered it yet, you can also take a pic now (find or copy one).........and search it. Then search engines can find similar people/same people to that pic. THAT is scary in relationship to what you stated in your blog. So if we degenerate womanizers wanted to find all those pics of say.........Cameron Diaz, we could search just her pics. Too much info in my eyes. Another reason NOT to have Facebook. But then again, I may be too 'old school' as I don't really have a personal social media presence of choice.
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    hi i dont really get this post. i have read somewhere that if a dealer shows a T upcard, it is around a -18% for players, which is far from -3.64%. also what do you mean "fail to always flip the same card''?
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    Especially enjoyed reading the last paragraph and last sentence.
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    Well said. Thank you.
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    Quite. Similarly n the UK I think there has been a marked move during the five years or so I've visited casinos, and had the odd flutter on sports events etc, to remove the "punters" money as quickly and efficiently as possible almost regardless of the consequences. An example of this is the recently taken over Gala chain of casinos by the Rank group - almost the first thing to be done was to swap out all of the 6 deckers for 1-2-6s. I don't think this has anything to do with game protection and dealing with the very small number of pesky card counters who might visit, but is purely around getting an additional ~20% more rounds dealt per table. I reckon the combination of the proficient dealer, and the 1-2-6 on the table I sat at, resulted in considerably more than 20% more cards hitting the felt than situations where a lesser skilled dealer was dealing from a shoe. It did occur to me just how much the aesthetic design of these things, and their cleaning up action, resembled a Dyson?

    In response to Norm's comments about keeping the recreational players coming back, it is a longer term mindset - but as short-termism and short-term results tend to dominate management thinking, and 80%+ of profits come from 20% of the regular player base (many, many of whom will return and play regardless of what goes on), I can't see a longer term view being taken by operators? In the UK I think operators can see a time in the not too distant future where the Gambling Act will be heavily amended to rein in some of the excesses that have taken place over the last five years, and their endeavouring to get as much in the reserves section of their respective balance sheets as possible - making hay while the sun shines so to speak.

    I intend to visit LV before I draw my last breath, although I have been told it's nowhere near what it once was.
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    Bring back the Mob...
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    Short from making bad plays when it counts, or not spreading, short sessions are the only thing that will protect you from detection based on those methods.

    I hope no new counters read this and get afraid to play right when it counts.

    Great info nonetheless.

    Thanks Norm
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    thanks for the read!
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    How many difficulty RAPC 71 vs double Halves?
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    [QUOTE=Norm;bt131]"Every time I call it a game, you call it a business. And every time I call it a business, you call it a game."

    North Dallas Forty. [URL][/URL][/QUOTE]
    That is surely one of the best-ever two-minute illustrations of the divide between the spirit in the game and the spirit missing in the game of business. And so well acted...
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    NOrm - is this H17?
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    Far out!
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    "Every time I call it a game, you call it a business. And every time I call it a business, you call it a game."

    North Dallas Forty.
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    You have described an excellent mindset for achieving success at the "game" of blackjack. I emphasize game, because real life is not a game, as you pointed out. Many in the business world, for example, treat business like a game, which it is not. The decisions made by corporate managers affect the lives of thousands of flesh and blood human beings-- customers, employees, stockholders, family members, and friends. All too often we treat blackjack and other games as real life, and we treat real life as if it were a game. It's an upside down world, and blackjack is no different.
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